Better, Faster and Affordable

Biolom, Inc. produces revolutionary biosensors for diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. Our state-of-the-art technology combines standard semiconductor fabrication techniques with nanotechnology, resulting in low-cost micron-scale biosensors. The biosensors are capable of detecting multiple biomarkers simultaneously with high sensitivity and high specificity. Biolom sensors use very low sample volume (comparable to volume taken from finger prick) and has fast assay time (1/3 of competitors) making it attractive for potential point of care applications. All these features enable detection of deadly diseases at very early stages and potentially save many lives. Biolom biosensors would decreases the cost involved in detection, monitoring and treatment processes, thereby improving overall quality of health. Our prototype has been tested in animal models for monitoring colorectal cancer and early detection of cardiovascular diseases. The next stage is to raise venture capital for conducting clinical trials.